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Think It Through...

Myth: As far as weight is concerned, you cannot eat too much protein. Anything beyond what your body needs will get excreted in your urine. 

It is certainly true that the body has limited ability to store protein. it is also true that the protein of this protein will be excreted in your urine as urea (the nitrogen group that shows up in urine). However, the other portion of the protein (the carbon group) is readily converted to glucose or fat. Ultimately, the protein you consume beyond what your body needs has the same fate as excess carbohydrate or fat. it will be converted into stored fat. 

fitness, healthyliving

get more out of your daily cardio and burn more calories!!!

I have tried to avoid cardio as much as I can. The truth is if you planning to loose body fat and stay fit and healthy you have to add cardio to your daily regiment. If you are like me and rather eat rock then go outside for a jog then I have some good news for you. When I started prepping for my first bikini competition I soon realized there was no skipping or avoiding cardio so I had to get creative. 

The good news is there are others forms of cardio you can do that actually burns more calorie per minutue than running. Generally you burn 10 calories per min running.

When i started training with my coach for my first bikini competition my cardio was about 25 min 6 days  a week, not too bad! but then he started adding 5 min a week and by second month i was at 80 min cardio 7 days a week. and let me tell you getting on that treadmill for not one but two 40 min daily was like turture for me.  so i knew i had to get creative and make that cardio somehow fun for me!!! 

My all time favorite is HIIT cardio. not only is a great workout but time goes by super fast. This is how i do my HIIT cardio,  I jump on treadmill or sprint down the block for 5 min and for next 5 min I add jump rope, then 5 min of sprint and 5 min of jumping squats, 5 min of cardio and 5 min of kettle bell swings and so on…you can be as creative as you want... Sometime i do 5 min of running and for next 5 min, i do 1 min of sit-ups, 1 min of squats, 1 min of lunges, one min of burpees and one min of push ups then 5 min of running or sprints or jump rope. 

My second favorite is Burpees. Total body workout. Try to hit 10 burpees per minute. I understand is not easy to do 30 min of burpees but you can add it to your cardio.

Jumping rope are great way of cardio. You get your heart rate up and improve balance and coordination. You burn about 13 calories per minute doing moderate jump rope.


Boxing. I tried boxing couple of months ago for the first time and let me tell you I was covered in sweat at the end of the session. The average boxing session burns around 727 calories per hour. And you feel like such a bad ass!!!


Dancing. It is such a fun workout and a great total body workout. Just put on your favorite music and loose yourself.


Running or walking uphill with a load. You can burn around 415 calories an hour while walking at a moderate pace. Just grab a backpack and add some rocks in it. This is also a great workout that targets your glutes. All you need is a hill, backpack and some rocks.


I understand everyone body and schedule is different but if you are a busy mom like me who works, goes to school and your life schedule revolves around your children then I recommend getting up 30 to 40 min early in the morning and doing some fasted HIIT cardio. Not only is great way to loose body fat but you start your day in possitive way and don’t have to stress over that cardio for the rest of your day.


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Start Your Day With This Wholesome Breakfast!!!

The right breakfast can help you concentrate, boost and help your strength and even help you maintain a healthy weight

Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, but that’s not a very good idea. I used to be one of those people and I can tell you this can backfire. You add more body fat when you eat fewer, larger meals than when you eat the same number of calories in smaller, more frequent meals.


This is what I eat every morning! Not only does it satisfy me but it gives me that extra boost of energy to start off my day...


1/3 cup Oatmeal

4 egg whites

1/3 cup blueberries


Cal 164, Fat 2.18, Carb 24.71, Protein 19.70