The other day while doing deadlifts I felt my right hamstring tighten and I had immediate pain. I stopped right away. The pain wasn't too bad but I definitely felt my hamstring cramp up. 

My coworker told me to try VooDoo Flossing it. Funny name!!! right???!!! How I have never heard of this I'm not sure. 

Anyways, I wanted to share my experience and it's amazing benefit for your mobility and recovery. 

First let me tell you what it is. It is a long rubber band, the one I have is from Rogue Fitness.  I wrapped my thigh/hamstring tightly starting from top down. Then I did lunges for two minutes. It is the weirdest feeling. 



VooDoo Floss helps break up intramuscular junk, this allows for greater mobility and blood supply to the area. by squeezing the muscle in a tight wrap for about two minutes and forcing it through a full range of motion you break up all the scar tissue, Lactic acid and junk that a foam roller and lacross ball can not really address. 

Once you release the band the weird feeling stays with you. You can feel the blood rush through the muscle which helps the healing process by bringing in nutrition and clearing all he junk from the area. 

Just please make sure you wrap it from the top down and leave the end where you can easily access it to untie. You can use VooDoo Floss on your shoulders, arms, hands, feet, ankle, calf, wrist and in my case tights/hamstrings. But please do not try to use it on your head, neck, abdomen and chest area. 



please let me know if this information was helpful. 

NOTE: I write about products that I have tried and found good results. I'm not paid to write about them.

Thank you for reading.