Breast surgery is very common and growing practice among healthy people. I am a bodybuilder and just had breast augmentation about a week ago. When healing from a breast augmentation you should avoid all heavy lifting, hard cardio, including running. Working out and trying to keep some of my pump when recovering from surgery is very difficult.

I am one-week post surgery and so frustrated from staying in bed and not being able to work out. I am seeing my muscles fading away right before my eyes and that alone is very stressful and depressing.

I wanted to share some of the few different ways I am keeping myself sane while keeping my gains and recovering.


I am keeping my diet 100% clean.

That means I am staying away from processed food, sugary drinks and foods all-together.

I am driking plenty of water and keeping my body hydrated. I am also staying away from alcohol and limiting myself to one glass of wine once in awhile.

I am eating tons of protein and healthy carbs like yam, brown rice and green vegies.


Keeping busy

Take long walks.

Keep yourself busy and work on yourself. This is a great time to meditate, reflect on you or do things you normally wouldn’t have time for like reading, writing, learning new language. Pick something you always wanted to master, this is the time to get good at it.

Just don’t forget is easy to sit or lay in bed and cover yourself in cake and unhealthy food especially when you can’t go to gym but it will not help you heal. Getting healthy with balanced food and mild exercise is a way to go and it will def. help you heal faster. 

And please please listen to your doctor and always consult him and listen to his advice.