Daily dose of fun for your booty!!!

In order to firm, lift and shape a perfect booty without adding bulk to your thighs, first you must understand the muscles behind the butt. Triangle training works the three major muscles of the buttocks. The gluteaus maximus, medius, and minimus and working them in countless angles is the key in seeing the result.

When you working the butt muscle from different angels, you are not only working those specific muscles but you are working the head of the muscles which is connected to the pelvic bone and provides the support between the upper and lower part of your body and your hamstrings, this is what gives you the lift and the shape you are looking for.

Try jumping jacks to work Medius

Try lunges to work Maximus

And squats to work Minimus


Try this booty Challenge


30 Jumping jacks

20 lunges

10 squats

10 plie squats

20 side lunges

20 glute kickbacks

15 short bridges

10 side leg circles (each sides)

20 glute kickbacks

15 squats

10 plié squats

20 jumping jacks


Repeat 3x5 times